Blackshaw Turbine – July 2019 update

Update August 2019

The turbine is now repaired and generating again.

Update 13th July 2019


Our engineers were able to safely remove the turbine, to ensure that the noise from its failing alternator ceases. We hope to have to repaired turbine back up in time for the winter winds.

Duncan July 2019

Update Weds 3 July 2019

The engineer inspected the Blackshaw community wind turbine today as wind conditions were safe. He attempted three methods of braking the turbine, with live technical support from the manufacturers at Bergey HQ in America,  but unfortunately each type still caused a significant risk that wind could cause the blades irreparable damage that would put the turbine completely out of use.

PCP has had to take the decision that the turbine cannot be braked in this way, as the risk is too great.

The engineer is coming back in the next two weeks – ideally on Monday 8 July, weather permitting, and he is now building a lifting rig and booking the teleloader. He will remove the entire turbine blades and all.

This will stop the noise.

The turbine will then be replaced and repaired later on.

We are really sorry that if it’s windy our neighbours may continue to suffer disturbance. Wind speed forecasts over the weekend are very light, so we hope that there will not be a noise, and that you can enjoy peaceful time in your gardens.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information. We are doing our utmost to get this problem sorted out.

With kind regards,

PCP directors.

Update 1st July 2019

Our engineers will attempt a temporary fix, to prevent the turbine from free-wheeling, on Weds. 3rd July, when the winds look to drop enough to attempt it.

Original post


In February 2019 the alternator in the turbine experienced a fault and stopped generating electricity. Our engineers, Enviromental, inspected the turbine and since then we have been liaising with Bergey, the manufacturers in the US, our insurance company and the engineers to secure a replacement alternator under warranty which has had to be delivered from America; this has now been delivered.

Due to the complexity of operating on a turbine at heights on an uneven field, our engineers are now working on the technical and safety methods of removing the turbine blades, the broken alternator, and installing the new one, reinstalling the blades, reconnecting, testing and re-commissioning the turbine.

The engineers are trialling a removal and replacement of a similar turbine in Lincolnshire in mid-July and then will come and mend our turbine, which is more complex because of its location. We anticipate this taking place depending on weather (wind, ground conditions etc) in late July/August.

Meanwhile, we are afraid that when there are high winds neighbours may hear some turbine noise.

We apologise profusely for this and do understand the inconvenience. We can’t get the engineers up to do anything until they can take the top off and replace it… But we hope that knowing that it is in hand and that we are moving ahead with getting it repaired, will make any disturbance a little less annoying.

We will keep neighbours updated, and we hope that the turbine will soon be back to generating the zero carbon, green electricity which it was installed to do.


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