About PCP

Pennine Community Power is a Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Pennine Community Power was started in 2012, by members of the community in the upper Calder Valley and particularly inspired and supported by Blackshaw Environmental Action Team.

Pennine community Power was established with the following objects:

  1. To build a sustainable community, environmentally, socially and economically
  2. To develop the profitable supply of energy from renewable resources for the benefit of the community
  3. To ensure the democratic control of renewable energy resources through the opportunity for residents to invest and control such resources.
  4. To ensure that the value from development of renewable energy resources shall be retained within the local economy.
  5. To create local sustainable livelihoods
  6. To provide support to other organisations with similar aims
  7. To educate and inform the general public around the issues of sustainability, climate change and renewable energy.

The principal activity to date has been the creation of a community investment offer to install a 10kW wind turbine in the parish of Blackshaw Head and the grant funded installation of a solar PV scheme on Colden School in the Blackshaw Parish.

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